16 Sexy Gifts: from Mild to Wild

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Tis the season for buying sexy gifts! Whether you want to treat yourself or buy something for you and your honey to enjoy together, here’s a curated selection of the sexy gifts that I discovered – and promptly fell in love with – this year.

16 sexy gifts for a more intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex life

I made it easy to #treatyoself or your beau: just click on the name of the romantic gift to buy it. Have questions or want a personalized recommendation? Email me at passionbykait[at]gmail[dot]com.

Sex Toys


This vibe totally changed my self-pleasure for the better. I don’t always use it, but when I do, my orgasms are explosive. Shaped to fit perfectly in your hand, Mimic lets you choose between broad stimulation of your vulva or direct vibration to your clitoris. Or get fancy and thrust it over your clit and…just trust me on this.

The Sync

The newest version of the classic We-Vibe is their best, most comfortable yet because you can adjust it to fit your unique shape.

Wear the Sync during intercourse for extra stimulation to your clitoris & g-spot. Wrap it around your beau’s penis for an upgraded hand job. Use it solo for hands-free stimulation of your most sensitive spots. The options are endless and you know I love a toy that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Queen Bee

I got to test the Queen Bee in public – which means it has a special place in my heart. The toy is too loud my regular use, but the oscillation technology – holy moly! Because it stimulates your nerves differently, your orgasm can feel totally different. And since variety is one key to an intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life that lasts, new sensations are definitely a good thing.



This finger toy turns your beau’s hands into a vibrator. That makes it perfect for all sorts of sexy time, from steamy makeouts to intercourse. Plus how unintimidating if your beau is anxious about using toys! Fin is also ergonomic, powerful, and small enough to fit between your bodies during all sorts of positions.


BDSM & Kink Journal: A blank diary for documenting your exploration

Looking for a sexy and inexpensive stocking stuff? My friend Mona created this awesome little journal with 2 pages of sexy writing prompts to help you explore what turns you on and gets you there. At 5×7, it’s the perfect size to tuck into your purse or backpack so you can write whenever the desire strikes.



Women’s Best Erotica of the Year, Volume 3

I fell in love with this anthology of sexy short stories three years ago – and each volume gets better and better. This one is extra special as my dear friend August has her first erotica story in it! These daring, bold, & surprising stories feature kick-ass heroines who indulge in their desires and find #freedominpleasure. I’m always impressed how developed the stories are for being short. Bookmark your favorites, skip the ones that aren’t your cup of tea, and return to the ones that make you go, “huh?”



 Literally any book by Rebecca Brooks.

I mean just look at this cover for book 3 of her Men of Gold Mountain series. Her storytelling will give you wanderlust while her sex scenes will have you grabbing for your favorite toy (after a few embarrassing public moans I made a rule for her books: a vibrator must be within arms’ reach).

She isn’t afraid to go there with sexy scenes, her heroines are BAMFs, and the men – well they’re fun to read about too.

The Day of the Dutchess

Yes this is technically book 3. No you don’t need to worry about it (I realize this may make me a bad romance reader but IDGAF).

The day before the 2016 election, Sarah was almost done writing this book. The day after, she scrapped it all and started from scratch. This is her most feminist book, and IMO strongest, book yet. You’ll laugh, cry, cheer, and of course get turned on.



Roller Girl 

FIle this under “thank goddess for romance book club.” I’m not sure I would have stumbled onto this incredible romance otherwise!

It’s sexy, fun, and helped me feel closer to my roller derby playing sister-in-law. Plus it’s heroine is gay trans woman. Vanessa North doesn’t shy away from addressing this but does so in a way that isn’t inspiration porn.




Haute Chocolate bars – Beryl and her chocolates saved me at an event lacking in vegan food. If that wasn’t reason enough to adore this company, the bars are beyond delicious. And their branding – each flavor being a character – is sexy. This isn’t your average chocolate – it’s clean, sexy chocolate for goddesses, bad girls, and femme fatales.


Sexy Date Night In

My Favorite Day Date

New Things to Try in Bed: Sensation Play

Essential Oils


Real talk: despite enjoying essential oils, I was still skeptical about how well they worked. Love is the oil that cemented their effectiveness for me. One day when my inner mean girl was at peak bitch, I put a few drops of this on the bottom of the tub* while showering. Within minutes, my self-talk shifted. It was gentler, more accepting.

Love is a fairly floral and sweet oil, not my usual preference, but it works so well that some days I use it as a perfume. I also use it before workshops, big presentations, and counseling sessions. And I take a whiff if the beau has gotten on my nerves and I’m feeling less than loving towards him. 😉

Feminine Aid

I spent three months preparing to come off hormonal birth control – and this got used every. single. night. I love the scent and I love how it eased many of my transition symtoms including sore breasts, brutal cramps, and moodiness.

For regular use, managing PMS, and easing cramps, massage this over your lower belly (ovary/uterus area) and on your inner ankle. Boobs get sore when you ovulate? Mix a few drops of this with coconut oil and massage your breasts going down the outside and up the inside.

Sweet Oasis

I adore this oil blend so much that I dedicated an entire blog post to it! I don’t go anywhere without a bottle of this by my side. It at once calms and energizes you. Whether I’m stressed AF or feeling sluggish, a whiff of this or dabbing it on my wrists makes everything better.


Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Want personalized suggestions for sexy gifts for yourself & your beau? Email me at passionbykait[at]gmail[dot]com.

Kait xo

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