Sexy Holiday Gifts

The holidays are here and that means time for shopping! Whether or not gift giving is your or your beau’s love language, gifts are always one way to say I love you. And these gifts? They also help you have a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life.

Mood Setters

Did you know that setting the mood is the number one thing people do to keep their sex life active? This makes sense, since most of what impacts your sex life has nothing to do with sex itself, and instead is about creating the ideal context: low stress, high trust, and high affection. These gifts help you do just that.

Bomb AF Organic Bath Bombs

A lot of of bath products are bad for your vagina. The chemicals, soaps, and artificial fragrances can disrupt your vagina’s natural balance of bacteria, causing irritation and increasing your risk of infection. Thankfully, not all bath bombs are created equally! Bomb AF Organic Bath Bombs are organic, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and all ingredients are safe for your skin and vagina.

Burn No. 1

Massage candles are one of the best ways to set the mood. Their “wax” is actually massage oil, and they burn at a lower temperature—about the temp of a perfect bath. Made with skin-softening jojoba and lavender oils, this hand-poured aphrodisiac massage candle is blended to set the mood with notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, and medjool date.


Have you ever said no to oral even though you wanted it? These extra-thin natural-latex panties let you feel all the sensations of oral, while blocking fluids or anything else that’s holding you back from pleasure. Slip on a pair for sensation without hesitation, whether you’re post-workout, on your period, with a new partner, or just tired of your bae’s scratchy facial hair.

Touch by Warm

Many people worry that pausing to grab lube will ruin the moment. Enter: Touch, an automated dispenser that heats and dispenses lubricants and oils with the wave of your hand.  As a bonus, it’s sexy, sleek, and sophisticated design means you can leave it on your nightstand without clueing anyone in.

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