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In more than a decade of selling sex toys, we’ve witnessed time and again what amazing tools they can be. They help you get in the mood, make it easier to experience orgasm, and increase your overall sexual satisfaction!

But not all toys are created equal. Body safe sex toys are those that are both non-toxic and non-porous. The materials they’re made of—silicone, stainless steel, ABS plastic, and glass—contain neither harmful chemicals or metals, including in their paint and pigment, nor pores which can house to bacteria and yeast.

Though the sex toy industry remains unregulated, some kick ass toy makers are committed to quality and your safety. We partner with My Secret Luxury to bring you toys only from these manufacturers. Everything we recommend is body safe. Most also come with a warranty and organic certification (where applicable).

Check out some of our favorite toys + treat yourself below or see our full selection here.

need some help deciding? You’re in the right place! we’ve Helped thousands of people find the best toy for here to schedule your complimentary* sex toy consultation.

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*Toy consultations are free with on-call toy purchase; otherwise, the consultation is a $75 charge. Want to go beyond toys to full-body, whole-hearted #freedominpleasure? Check out our counseling packages here.

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