Fun, frequent, fulfilling sex

Is it a myth?

It might seem so, especially these days. 

It’s easy for life to interfere with your intimacy. From competing demands on your time to the emotional upheaval of the last few years to internalized expectations about what your sex life *should* look like…

It’s not uncommon to feel distant and disconnected from yourself and your partner/s. For desire to fade and sex to feel like just another chore on your to-do list…

You might wonder:

Am I missing out? Is everyone else having more sex than me?!!

(and you’re certainly not alone in that question!)

A white hand with a black ring on the index finger reaches across, out of the shadow and towards the light. | Have More Sex course | Passion by Kait

Whether you’re…

  • Wanting more but having less sex
  • Feeling resentful and disappointed when you “do it for them”
  • Worrying about the future of your relationship
  • Feeling frustrated, broken, or inadequate
  • Fighting more often with your beau/s
  • Blaming yourself for the lack of sex

It’s not your fault, and there is a way to shift it. 

There’s this societal expectation that, at some point, sex gets puts on the back burner. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For the past 12 years, we’ve supported thousands of individuals and couples in navigating the highs and lows of sex. 

We’ve helped them move from “We aren’t having enough sex” to being on the same page as their partner, feeling close and connected, enjoying the fun and release of sex as often as they like. 

We’ve seen them get clear on knowing what they want and feeling confident in themselves and the future of their relationship. Feeling excited about sex. Actually wanting to want it.

My sex life is awesome now!! My husband and I communicate, are intimate, and have great sex regularly…all things I wondered if we’d ever have together. Aside from the passion, my life is so much richer and more fulfilling, and filled with much-needed self-care and love.”

And now we’ve poured the same attention and methods into creating a course for you, too.  

Have More Sex

helps you get to the root cause of why you aren’t having sex as often as you’d like…so that you can have more of it AND feel more fulfilled by the sex you’re having.

By the end of this course you’ll:

A black couple lies in bed, one person's head on the other person's lap. They smile down at each other. | Have More Sex course | Passion by Kait
  • Feel close and connected to yourself and your relationship
  • Be on the same page libido-wise as your partner/s
  • Be excited about and want to have sex (again)
  • Enjoy the fun and release of sex regularly
  • Feel confident in and excited about the future of your relationship
  • Understand how your desire and arousal actually work—so that you can have more of both
  • Know that you are complete and whole and “normal,” just as you are

This course is for you if…

  • Sex feels like a chore but you want to want it!
  • You worry about the future of the relationship and how it can continue when you don’t really have sex
  • You (and/or your partner/s) wish you were having more sex
  • You wish your libido (or your beau’s) were higher
  • You or your partner recently had a big life change (e.g. gave birth, new health diagnosis, etc) and your sex life hasn’t been the same since
  • You’re interested in going beyond surface level quick fixes into addressing the root cause

This course probably isn’t for you if…

  • You’re recovering/repairing from infidelity 
  • You want a quick-fix 
  • You’re only interested in trying new toys/positions/etc and not in exploring the deeper reasons behind why you aren’t having sex enough
  • You or your partner/s aren’t willing to try something new/different from standard sex advice
  • Your low desire is primarily from medication

But it will support you in navigating all of these as well.

Kait’s course boosted my sexual confidence and helped my husband and I get out of a rut. I feel less alone, less shameful, and more liberated.

How It Works

Inspired by and rooted in the science of Emily Nagoski’s seminal book, Come As You Are, you’ll learn a step-by-step process that guides you to know where to start AND how to follow through. 

Here are the 6 actionable learning modules you’ll be guided through:

Module 1—Welcome + Reframe

In this module, Kait welcomes you to the course, answers the #1 question she hears about libido, and shares a powerful reframe on the issue of low and mismatched desire.

Module 2—Set Yourself Up for Sex-cess

Get set up for a powerful experience by learning what to expect, plus Kait’s#1 tip for getting the most out of this experience.

Module 3—All About Arousal

Learn why “trying new things” doesn’t solve your libido issue. Instead, you’ll understand the two types of arousal and a foolproof way to know just how turned on you—and your partner/s—are. You’ll also debunk common myths around arousal and learn how to address common issues.

Module 4—Discovering Desires

Discover three things desire is (and one that it isn’t), plus learn practical and powerful strategies for what to do if you feel frustrated by desire that’s low or not coming up as often as you’d like.

Module 5—Context, Context, Context

Dive deep into what context is, why it matters, and what research has identified as the ideal context for most people. You’ll also be led through an interactive practice to discover YOUR ideal context—the exact steps you need to have more fun and frequent sex starting ASAP.

Module 6—Maximize Your Desire

Get to know the research-backed strategies to increase how often you want—and have—sex, especially if you feel like you have lower or no spontaneous desire. Plus, close out with final takeaway and how to get personalized support to take the learnings of the Have More Sex course even higher.

I’ve reached a deeper connection to myself and sex in terms of what is important to me, and WHY it’s important to me.

What You’ll Receive

The course includes…

  • 6 actionable learning modules (in video or audio format – your choice!)  that take you through the exact, step-by-step process that have helped hundreds increase their libido, get in the mood more regularly, and have more sex. – $888 value
  • 3 worksheets to help you apply what you learn to your own sex life  – $199 value
    • Worksheet 1: How sensitive is your sexual gas pedal and brake?
    • Worksheet 2: What’s the right context for you?
    • Worksheet 3: How to create your most fun, fulfilling sex life
  • Private course hub for immediate access to all the materials so you can dive in right way (no account creation or login required!) – $199 value
  • Lube recommendations to help you understand if and what kinds of lube to add, and to save you time and money on getting ones that won’t actually work for you – $99 value
  • Bonus resources featuring dozens of real life examples and follow along activities of how to incorporate the strategies from the course into your own life. – $99 value

Plus this bonus! ($500 value)

3 Steps to Higher Libido and More Frequent Sex

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • the two most common reasons you or your partner’s sex drive is low
  • practical and powerful techniques to get in the mood
  • the #1 step you can take to start having more fun and frequent sex ASAP
  • live Q&A including hot search coaching, your opportunity to see how to apply the tools to different people’s unique situations
  • seeing the tools in the course in action

Total Value: $1984

But you can start to Have More Sex for as little as $499!

Choose Your Level of Support


Get everything listed above!

This one’s for you if you’re ready to get all the info and run (to bed) with it. You’re the kind of learner that can take things in on your own time and feel the impact. 

This is filler copy. If you’ve found it you’re probably a designer and/or developer and GO YOU! Sadly, there’s no prize. I’m sorry. I just really really wanted to finish this thing, publish it, and have it look even. Next time I’ll hire you. OH that’s the prize! Email me.

Total value: $1984

You PaY: $499


Get everything in Foundations PLUS get 1, 30-minute Ask Me Anything coaching session ($173 value) to get personalized feedback from our founder, Kait Scalisi, MPH, a certified sex educator with over a decade of experience supporting people finding freedom in pleasure. 

This one’s for you if you crave personalized support and direct feedback, and want to back up everything you learn with customized recommendations.

Only 3 VIP spots available per month. Coaching call must be completed within 60 days of purchase

Total value: $2157

You pay: $609

Please note: you’ll be taken to a new window to complete your order.

Launch week pricing ends 29 October 2021 at 12:00pm EDT.

My definition of sex has blown open where it used to make me feel pressured and ‘deficient.’ Now I know that whatever turns me on, without effort and without worry, is extremely sexy!”


If you’re not happy with your purchase, neither are we.

If, after implementing the strategies in The Guide for 30 days, you aren’t satisfied, reach out and share your completed worksheets to receive a 100% refund.

We highly doubt you’ll need one. You’ll be too busy having more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex. 😉 

Please note: AMA sessions and the group coaching are nonrefundable.

“You’re the only person I’ve ever told this to…

Hi, I’m Kait, PbK’s Founder and Executive Director. Over the past 12+ years working as a sex educator and coach, I’ve heard these words from thousands of people of all genders, sexualities, ages, races, ability, religions, relationship structures, and politics.

What’s the “this” they’re talking about? 

Not having enough sex…and the associated feelings of shame and self-blame.

I get it.

As someone in a long-term relationship (17+ years!) who’s navigated long distance, multiple chronic illnesses, disability, family cancer, body changes, and changes in desire/ability to “have” sex, I know how scary it is when your sex life goes from MMHMM to UMMMMM/seems to have disappeared overnight OR when it feels like you’re careening into bed death and you don’t know where to start to fix it! 

  • You might start to blame yourself
  • Feel broken
  • Pick fights
  • Get stuck in a cycle where one person keeps asking and the other…keeps saying no. And both of you feel like shit in the process.
  • Feel like you’re missing out on an important part of your relationship

I’ve taken hundreds of clients—individuals, couples, newlyweds, new parents, disabled folx, and more—through the process outlined in the Have More Sex course, both 1:1 in my sex coaching practice and in group workshops. And I use it in my own life too.

“I’m playing around more sexually with sex both with my partner and without. I’m focusing more on sensations and pleasure during sex.”

” I have found it much easier to connect physically with my husband.”


Imagine how it would feel to be excited about sex again instead of it feeling like one more chore on your to-do list. 

You’d finally get that much needed physical connection with your partner/s to explore, connect, and enjoy one another.

You’d be on the same page sexually and get to enjoy the fun and release of sex regularly.

You’d feel confident in yourself and your relationship—you’ll know what you want and be ready to initiate. 

You’d want to want it.

Make that your reality—get started TODAY with the
Have More Sex course:

“I was excited to try out these wonderful tools! It has been spreading into a more often and satisfying intercourse routine! I also have been taking the time to treat myself and appreciate myself. It has really been helping with my self-esteem and self-acceptance”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the modules come with transcriptions? Closed captioning?

Unfortunately, at this time this product does not have transcriptions or closed captioning. We are working on adding this.

How much time will this take me, really?

Intimate, exciting, and fulfilling relationships do take work and also one of our core ethos at PbK is “practical AND powerful.” The  modules themselves add up to approximately an hour long total. We recommend spacing them out about one week apart to allow yourself time to integrate and practice what you learn. However, you have access to all the materials as soon as you sign up which means you can determine how quickly (or slowly) you go through it!

It’s also worth naming that we used this process with busy moms, CEOs, entrepreneurs, chronically ill folx, and people who are a combo of all of the above. Beyond the lessons themselves, the activities and approach outlined in Have More Sex ultimately allow you to have more time and connection, and work with your current schedule with small tweaks.

What if my partner/s isn’t open to this approach?

If you’re partnered, you’ll get the most out of this course if you and your beau/s participate. However, thanks to forces like sexual shame, trauma, and a society that doesn’t encourage us to work on our sex lives, it’s not uncommon for one partner/s to be less, shall we say enthused? 

At the end of the day, you can’t force your partner/s to participate; however, the framework provided will help you understand yourself, your wants, and your desires more so that you can get in the mood more easily—and ultimately have more fun and frequent sex.

If you’re still concerned, we recommend choosing the VIP option so that you’ll get additional support from Kait on how to navigate your unique situation.

I’m burned the eff out—won’t this make me more tired?

We hear you. After a year and a half in these weird COVID times, it’s normal to feel totally BLARGH. That’s why this product is DIY (do it yourself)—so you can do it on your own time and schedule. Plus, this approach will actually give you energy by helping you reduce stress, make life easier, and remove that energy drain on your backburner (aka your sex, relationship, and intimacy issues). In the not so long run, committing some time to this course saves you stress and energy. 

Will this work for [insert your problem here]

Yes! The beauty of this approach is that it isn’t one size fits all. Which means: you get to make it work for you.

This is the FOUNDATIONAL information and skill to help you learn how to increase your desire, have more sex, and feel more fulfilled in the bedroom and beyond—no matter what’s going on in your life. 

We also understand that every situation truly is unique. That’s why Kait offers a limited number of VIP slots so that you can get personalized support and accountability to implement the tools in your unique situation.

Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out on my own?

Not necessarily. Thanks to our world, sex remains shrouded in shame, secrecy, and silence. Which means: most of us aren’t taught the basics of how desire actually works, never mind how to apply that to your own life and relationship. It’s ok if you don’t know—that’s why we created this course.

Can’t I just read Come As You Are?

You absolutely could and we highly recommend doing so! In fact, here’s the link: Come As You Are .

What many of our clients (and us too!) have found is that at the end of reading they struggled to implement the incredible ideas and action steps included in the book. They come to us after having read it, looking for more support implementing it. This course takes the tools and theories outlined in the book and presents them in a different, more streamlined +actionable format that focuses on helping you have more sex. 

Can’t I just learn a new position, tip, trick, or skill to have stronger orgasms, get turned on more easily, etc…

You totally can! And, we have over 200 articles on that cover nearly ever topic under the sun when it comes to sex.

But…let us ask a question of our own: do you want to repeat this struggle over and over again?

Because change is the only guarantee, as they say, and that means new sex and intimacy issues will pop up in your future. Have More Sex helps you create the FOUNDATION so that no matter what life throws your way, you’ll know how to navigate it—together and without feeling awkward, afraid, or embarrassed. Think of it as an investment in your present goal and as-yet-unknown future ones. That’s how you find #freedominpleasure.

I want more personalized support, how do I get it?

Choose the VIP option! This includes a 30 minute Ask Me Anything coaching session 1:1 with Kait to get personal feedback and support on your sex goals. 

Can I just buy this later?

This is the part where sales experts tell us that we’re supposed to say “We don’t know! Are you willing to risk that?” but the more accurate answer is “For now, but the price will go up substantially on Friday.”

At this point, we plan to keep this course available at least through the end of the year at the higher price ($399 vs $499). We’re entering a time of deep reflection and planning some big changes for 2022 that may or may not include this.

Ultimately, we can’t tell you what’s best for you right now, but we can offer yet another clarifying Q: how much connection, confidence, and sex will it cost you to wait?

Here’s a recap of what you get in the Have More Sex course:

  • 6 audio or video lessons that take you through the exact, step-by-step process that have helped hundreds increase their libido, get in the mood more regularly, and have more sex. ($888 value)
  • 3 associated worksheets to integrate the lessons so you can know what you want, feel confident to initiate, and enjoy the fun and release of sex regularly ($199 value)
  • A course hub gives you immediate access to all the materials right away, no login required ($199 value)
  • Lube recommendations to help you understand if and what kinds of lube to add so you save you time and money by getting ones that won’t actually work for you ($99 value)
  • Bonus resources with dozens of real life examples so that you can more easily incorporate the course into your own life. ($99 value)
  • The 3 Steps to Higher Libido and More Frequent Sex workshop so you can see the tools in action and make lasting changes  ($500 value)

Total Value: $1984

But you can get your hands on Have More Sex (and then on each other) for as little as $499!

Need one last boost?

Here are a few more testimonials to help you discern if Have More Sex will be supportive of you.

“I feel confident and sexy enough to initiate things!”

“Through this course, my partner and I have achieved a lower-effort sex life, which was my primary goal!”

“I’m more confident about asking what I want during sex.”

Having more fun and frequent sex doesn’t have to be so hard

If all you did was read this page, something already began changing for you because you chose differently .

So go ahead, and give yourself a BIG OLD HUG.

Yes seriously. We’ll wait.

Did you do it?


And if you want to take the impact even further, sign up now to Have More Sex below.

Have more questions? Email us at

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