4 Simple Ways to Make Everyday More Sensual

Sensuality is such an elusive concept. For me it arouses images of gently swaying hips, quiet moans, dim lights, feathery strokes, whispers of wind, candlelight, eyes drifting closed, and chocolate. Yes, chocolate.

While each of those things is an understated pleasure in and of itself, there’s something even deeper underlying them: the opportunity to savor the moment. And that my dear passion-seeker is what sensuality is all about.

In my opinion Tonya Leigh puts it best: “sensuality is about slowing down, being present, and indulging your senses.” To me, its an understated, quieter and wholly unappreciated form of sexiness that tends to get pushed to the side until you’re faced with it and find yourself unable to look away, shut your eyes, or deny yourself the pleasure of saying yes…




Luckily there are super simple ways you can cultivate sensuality in your everyday life. Because if we take Tonya’s definition, than any experience can turn into a sensual (and maybe even a sexual one). Here are my favorites!

4 Daily Routines to Make More Sensual

1) Washing + moisturizing your body. Take it slow. Relish in the softness of your skin, the curve of your lower back, your hips, your waist, and the way your body responds to different strokes. Repeat the ones that give you goosebumps.

2) Choosing your outfit. Build an outfit based on how it feels on your body + makes you look. Start with whatever undies you’d want your celebrity crush to see (and to that end, make sure all your undies are celeb-crush worthy b/c ugly panties are passion killers!!). Layer on materials that are soft, flattering, give you tingles when they swish over your beautiful body and that you just can’t help put run your hands over.

3) Walking. Slow down. Stand up straighter + pull those shoulders back. Add just a little bit of sway/swagger/sashay to your hips, letting them ever so gently swing out a little further from side to side.

4) Eating. Make or buy something decadent, something you wouldn’t normally splurge on, financially or otherwise. Take your time smelling it before you even put it in your mouth. Swirl your tongue around it and literally savor every texture and taste. Let your eyes drift shut and yes, let out a moan if that’s what’s coming.

For even more ideas on how to get and stay sensual, check out this post. Oh and before I go, remember: A sensual person is a happy person.

Do you know someone who could use a bit more sensuality in their life? Share this post! They’ll thank you and so will I!

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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