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Hoping to join us at an upcoming sex class in NYC, online, or near you? Here’s a list of upcoming sex & relationship classes to help you keep things steamy. See when we’ll be in your city!

Please note: this list is updated as sex are finalized. Be the first to know when we add sex classes in NYC and throughout the country. Click here to join our community.

Sex and IBD

Dec 3, 8:00pm EST

Relationship Wellness: Getting More Out of Our Relationships

December 10, 7-9pm

Relationships lie at the heart of our happiness and health and are arguably the most important part of our lives. But are you really getting the most out of them that you can?

Join Fully and our coaches to explore relationship wellness. We’ll start with a panel overview of how to strengthen our existing relationships and build new ones with a strong foundation. Then, we’ll move into small group discussions facilitated by our expert coaches. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to live happier, healthier and fuller lives through your relationships with partners, family and friends.

Light refreshments and mingling will start at 7pm and the panel discussion will start right at 7:30pm.

We hear it all the time: sex is a huge part of any relationship. What can we do to lean into sex to strengthen our relationship? Join Fully in a sex class in NYC on how to talk about sex and how to incorporate sex as a way to grow closer together. Light refreshments provided. Partners welcome but not required!

Our founder, Kait, teaching one of our sex class in NYC. She sits at the head of a long table with her back to the camera while nine femmes are looking at her. | Sex Classes NYC and Beyond - Passion by Kait


Gather with fellow progressive womxn to discuss meaningful topics with empathy and understanding—and without the pressure to network (or even put on real pants). Each month we’ll reflect on a theme through activities like intention setting, meditation, writing, and more. Oh and did we mention coffee and snacks are included?

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Dance Alone, Together: Live

Dec 14, 7:00pm EST

sometimes we dance alone in our rooms.

sometimes we dance together in bigger rooms.

this time, it’s the latter.

…and we’ve put together a dance show experience that will hopefully bring you out of your room to join us.

What can you expect?

See group and solo performances by members of our You Can Dance Again troupe, hear a live reading and guided dance break from Jess Grippo’s latest Dance With This Book, and connect with fellow creative humans so that we can remind each other we truly are all in this together.

Past Sex & Relationship Classes


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Our founder, Kait, teaching one of our sex class in NYC. She is writing on a giant sheet of paper while two individuals look on. | Sex Classes NYC and Beyond - Passion by Kait

Navigating Low Desire (webinar)

Laughs abound at our sex classes! Our founder, Kait, laughs and claps. |  Sex Classes NYC and Beyond - Passion by Kait

Can You Meditate Your Way to Better Sex?

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Essential Oils for Sex | Sex Classes NYC and Beyond - Passion by Kait

Essential Oils for Sex

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Mindful Sex: How to get out of your head and enjoy the moment

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Love & Sex in the Time of Trump

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All About Orgasm

All About Orgasm

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Intimacy and Dating with IBD: A Twitter chat | Sex Classes NYC and Beyond - Passion by Kait

Intimacy and Dating with IBD

with Sara Ringer

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