Simple Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom

Spice Up the Bedroom Simply & Quickly | Passion by Kait

First, thank you for your kind words on last week’s hella vulnerable post. I was terrified to get naked and ya’ll greeted it with such love, kindness, and appreciation. My gratitude is endless. 🙏🏻 Secondly, this week I’m so excited to share the interview I did with my dear friend August a few weeks ago on her ahmazing podcast, GirlBoner! We talked about defining passionate monogamy, what #freedominpleasure really means, the “right” number of times to get it on each week, and how to spice up the bedroom.

Catch the full episode on iTunes or below and check out my favorite highlights in the meantime.

Monogamy doesn’t have to equal monotony.

Yes there are many jokes about boring sex in longterm relationships. Yes, the passion does fade over time (thanks neuroscience!). And yes, bed death is a thing – and not only reserved for marriages or lesbians thankyouverymuch.

You get to define your relationship – no one else.

The beau and I consciously and continuously choose monogamy. We talk about other relationship structures but for now, this works for us.

Beyond that, we set rules – relationship agreements if you will – for what our monogamy looks like.  For what’s ok and what’s not. These can always change, hence the “continuously” above! Cuddling with close friends, regardless of gender: totally cool. Checking out an attractive human being? Yup. Physical stuff? Nope.

Does your monogamy have to look like this? Hell no! You and your beau get to decide what feels comfortable for both of you. And who to tell – but that’s a topic for another blog post. 😉

When it comes to sex, there’s no normal – only more & less common.

Am I normal if want to try…?
Is it weird that I like…?
Is x normal?!

99% of the questions I hear are some version of am I normal. And 99% of the time the answer is yes.

Maybe what you like isn’t super common or maybe you’ve just never talked about it with anyone before. Ultimately, and with the exception of a few outliers, as long as you and your honey agree and talk about your sex life, it’s 1000% ok.

You don’t need to go to great lengths to spice up the bedroom.

Spice Up the Bedroom Simply & Quickly | Passion by Kait2

Too often, sex tips require you be double jointed or spend an hour each day on intimacy-building activities. Such choices aren’t bad but letsbereal – you and your partner have incredibly, beautifully full lives. You want real tips for real life!

In the interview, I talk simple tweaks to your fave sex positions (like doggy style!), how to add adventure to your everyday, and, of course, sex toys!

Get those tips by listening to the episode on iTunes or here:

For more GirlBoners, visit August at

I’d love to hear from you! Which tip did you love the most? What would you add?

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

3 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom

  1. truth be told – i have yet to listen to the episode (but i shall!) i felt the need to say how much i love and appreciate the consciously and continuously choosing monogamy and what that means for you two specifically! we had friends who are no longer are friends because we openly said we found it perfectly acceptable to check out and acknowledge that other attractive people exist in the world. still blows my mind that that was too much for them to accept of our relationship and no longer wanted to be friends.

    my husband and i also have that agreement of open communication to be able to continuously talk about what we both need and find acceptable. preach!

    1. Yaaaaay!! And thank you m’dear. I’m sorry about the friendship loss – I wish everyone would just love and respect each other’s relationship choices even if they’re different. Always a safe space here!

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