Struggling with Different Sex Drives in Your Relationship? Read This

Three things are guaranteed in life:

  1. Death.
  2. Taxes.
  3. Sex drive differences.

Sound a bit dramatic right? Its pretty darn true though.. At some point in your relationship one of you is going to want it more than the other. Maybe he’s dealing with chronic illness or pain. Maybe you’re a new mom. Maybe she started new meds. The difference may have always been there or it might have just popped up recently.

Regardless, you both feel frustrated, guilty, and disheartened. The person with the lower sex drive thinks, I shouldn’t have sex if I don’t want to but…I never really want to so maybe I should just do it for their sake.

Meanwhile, the person with the higher sex drive wonders, Am I pressuring them too much? Are they still interested in me? Is there something they aren’t telling me?

If this sounds familiar, know two things. First: you aren’t alone. I’ve been here and so have almost every single one of my friends, colleagues, and clients. Secondly,there are many things that can impact your sex drive…which means there are lots of ways to minimize the differences.

This month for My Secret Luxury, I explain what causes different sex drives in your relationship and give you some fresh ideas to address them. The goal: get you back to having the satisfying, intimate, and adventurous sex you desire.

Click here to read the article.

One last note: if neither you nor your partner feel bothered by you, don’t change it! There’s no right number of times to have sex each week – its all about what satisfies you both.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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