Random Sexy Goodness: Summer Sex Edition

The warm temps are here and you might be feeling a little friskier than normal.

As temps heat up, so does your libido.

Spring fever, or that boost of energy and desire you feel, is a real thing. As the days get longer and warmer, your body produces less of the hormones that make you sleep and more of those that make you happy. If you’re a geek like me, you’ll care that this is a leftover evolutionary trait from times when food was scarce is the winter. The spring harvest meant more food was available to fuel and refresh you. Even though that’s not longer the case, one thing is still totally true:

Spring means more energy and more activity…in bed.

Its the perfect time to try something new, whether its sex outside, getting lost in an adventurous story, or talking to your sweetie in a way that brings you closer.

Ready to get your sexy on?

10 (Free) Ways to Have Your Sexiest Summer Yet

  1. 13 Sexy Songs That Will Be the Soundtrack to Your Summer. Songs to set the mood…for rooftop parties, sexy time, beach days, and so much more.
  2. Have a case of wanderlust? Follow my friend Amanda, her hubby, and their adorable puggles as they spend their year road-tripping around the country.
  3. Has spring fever hit? Looking to mix things up with your sweetie? Need some summer sex inspiration? I chatted with Redbook about the best types of sex to try this summer. 
  4. The recent New York Times’ expose on the city’s nail salons has lots of folks looking for non-toxic alternatives to regular nail polish. Kris Carr aims to find the best ones out there. No need to sacrifice health for beauty OR vice versa (because feeling sexy is important too).
  5. Speaking of health, you can officially count masturbation as part of your wellness routine. Sexual pleasure AND health = my fave.
  6. Body-shaming sucks and this week it got a little kick in the butt when almost 1000 folks showed up to party with The Dancing Man. #givesmehope
  7. Combine the topics from #3 and #6 and you get this awesome post on why you don’t need to love your body to have amazing sex. I’m still on my own self-love journey and Dawn’s post said everything I’ve always wanted to. This is my fave quote: “Your body is capable of delicious sensations and sensual experiences right now.” A-friggin-men.
  8. I would like someone to put these Coconut No Bake Cookies in my mouth ASAP.
  9. Want a super simple way to feel closer to your sweetie? Start by asking better questions. I’ve personally been using these ideas with the beau and our dinner time conversations are so much sexier + richer. Our fave question is, “What was the most exciting thing that happened to you today?”
  10. For a mega-dose of girl power, check out WAM’s May Entertainment Guide. I <3 supporting media that promotes gender equality AND showcases kick-ass women being, well, kick-ass.

Now go enjoy some summer sex…and adventure and fun and food!

Your Partner in Passion,



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