The 2021 PbK Sexy Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday season is the perfect time to shop for fun, sexy gifts. To bring you more pleasure, connection, and intimacy this holiday season, we’ve put together a holiday gift guide featuring PbK Founder, Kait Scalisi’s favorite pleasure products of 2021 including toys, classes, workshops, books, and more!

Whether you’re flying solo, part of a long-term relationship/s, or somewhere in between, you’ll find #freedominpleasure with these fun, sexy holiday gifts. Best of all, there are loads of deals and discounts so don’t forget to pick up some (extra) goodies for yourself!

Sex Classes and Workbooks

Have More Sex

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Our first ever Do It Yourself (DIY) course, Have More Sex helps you get to the root cause of why you aren’t having sex as often as you’d like…so that you can have more of it AND feel more fulfilled by the sex you’re having. Inspired by and rooted in the science of Emily Nagoski’s seminal book, Come As You Are, you’ll learn a step-by-step process that guides you to know where to start AND how to follow through. 

Let’s Talk About iT

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Looking to feel more grounded this holiday (and life) season?

Join me for a series of workshops to navigate these liminal times with more ease. Each 90-minute workshop blends nervous system support, gentle movement, inspirational readings, lecture, reflection, and small group conversation to help slow down and tune in—so that you feel more grounded and connected.

You’ll have three opportunities to join us for Let’s Talk about It. While each workshop stands alone, there will be overlapping themes and elements of each will support the others. All take place on Zoom.

The PbK Guide to Getting the Sex You Want

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Our FIRST book! The Guide is a 75-page workbook that’s packed with the exact tools that have helped hundreds—and that will help you—have more confidence, connection, and pleasure in the bedroom and beyond. It became a best-seller and is here to teach you how to talk about sex for stronger orgasms, a deeper connection, and more confidence.

Sex Toys and Kink Gear

Touch X

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My ALL TIME FAVORITE sex toy got a revamp! I’ve long loved how versatile the Touch is for solo and partner use and now its easy to use with a slightly elongated shape and a much better way to charge it.

I love the Touch for SO many reasons:

  • Its deep, rumbly vibrations are unmatched by any other “lipstick” style vibrator
  • How its vibrations run from top to bottom meaning you can stimulate two body parts at once—like the clit and vaginal opening
  • How easy it is to slide between bodies between all sort of partner sex
  • That one side is firmer and rounded and the other is softer and more pointed, giving you a choice between precise stimulation and more diffuse sensations
  • Despite multiple upgrades and a changing industry, its price hasn’t changed since at least 2013


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Kink, but make it fashion! Unbound makes some of the prettiest products and Bangle is no exception. This size-inclusive bracelet-handcuff can be worn as a statement piece or for sexier activities. They’re made of stainless steel and easily adjust to ensure a secure fit.

Bomb Balm Arousal Balm

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Back in my sex toy party days, there was a product similar to this that was a favorite amongst consultants and customers alike! I can’t tell you how excited it made me to see a 2021-worthy upgrade! Slick Bomb Balm on your lips to elevate your makeout sessions and oral sex OR apply it to the nipples, clit, or tip of the penis to bring some extra blood flow, sensation, and fun to the area.

Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD

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Lube but better! Foria was one of the first big brands to infuse sex products with CBD and they recently upgraded their products to include more CBD—which means more bang (and pleasure) for your buck! Intimacy Sex Oil not only enhances sensation but also soothes and excites. And, it’s as natural as a product could get, made with just coconut oil and hemp extract. Being oil-based does mean that this lube is not compatible with latex condoms (here’s a great alternative), but the benefits are more than worth it.


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Dame is known for testing their products extensively with REAL people and then iterating on them in a way that makes them easier and more fun. Aer is no exception. A “suction toy,” it uses pressure wave technology to create rhythmic pulses of air that mimic the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth. Its prettier, sleeker, and priced better than most similar products.

Looking for more sex toy ideas? Click here to Check out our all-time favorites list


Romance Novels

  • The Rose – Tiffany Reisz never disappoints. This is the second year in a row where her book topped my favorites list! The Rose is so steamy with a unique plot involving a magical cup and Greek mythology and so many surprises along the way.
  • Would I Lie to the Duke? – A woman in disguise, a subby duke, and a forbidden romance? Yes, please and thank you. I didn’t know how much I needed this until I read (and reread) it.
  • Get a Life, Chloe Brown – I was late to Talia Hibbert’s Brown Sisters trilogy but I caught up and THANK GOD I did. I read this one during a time when, like our heroine, my disability was really running my life. I laughed, I cried, and a part of me healed. Then, I gave it to my partner to explain all the things I couldn’t or didn’t know how to say. Here’s to books that teach us about ourselves
  • Love is a Rogue – I’m pretty much OVER “perfect” characters in books at this point and Lenora Bell’s books feature the most interesting heroines I’ve ever read.
  • All the Feels – I haven’t read this one yet but I don’t need to. I fell in LOVE with Lauren and Alexander in Dade’s Spoiler Alert and when I saw the cover and a heroine who looks LIKE ME, I preordered immediately. This is going to be a fantastic, sexy, and fun enemies to lovers read set once again in the world of a GoT-like series and fanfiction. I. can’t. wait. to devour this over the holidays.

Books about Sex

  • Rebloom – Another one on my TBR list that I’m confident will blow your world right open. Written primarily for helping professionals, this uses archetypes to explore trauma and its healing. The book itself is gorgeous and I trust Rachael Maddox as someone who’s always on the forefront of approaches to healing trauma for yourself AND when working with others. She’s a QUEEN at creating inclusive healing spaces and this is another one I can’t wait to dive headfirst into.
  • With Pleasure – it’s fitting that both books I’m reccing in this category this year focus on trauma and pleasure. Listen, we could ALL use a little help and my friend August and trauma therapist Jamila Dawson collabed to bring you this treasure. Blending stories, sexpert insight, and activities, it helps you tap into pleasure as a healing power. And, it reads like you’re talking to your bestie.
    • Use code PASSION25 to save 25%
  • 50 First Dates After 50 and Great Sex Starts at 50 – There’s a complete lack of books addressing sex and dating after 50 but 2021 said, “Let’s fix that!” These books are very different—the former is an erotic memoir and the latter is a sex advice guide—but both are equally important in the impact and importance they have in the sexuality book space.

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Disclaimer: We’re a proud affiliate for these products, which means we receive a small commission if you purchase through us. It doesn’t cost you extra and we only share products we love! Thank you for supporting #freedominpleasure!

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