The Passion by Kait Definition of Pleasure

You may have noticed that here at PbK, I focus on pleasure and passion instead sex. Like all good things in life, there’s a story here…

Buckle up!

I remember the first time I found out about Google Alerts from a fellow blogger. I was awed by her knowledge of current events around her topic of choice and wanted the same for my business. Little did I know how easy it was to stay on top of <–pun intended issues relating to sex and pleasure.

When I set up my alert I purposely chose the word “pleasure” because to me sex is so limited in the way we use it. I say sex…you think intercourse. I say pleasure…you think orgasm. sex. dancing. a hot cup of tea on a fall morning. a good massage. scoring a great deal. cunnilingus. laughing with good friends. bear hugs. fellatio. reconnecting with old acquaintances. freshly baked cookies. the perfectly paired wine. watching your partner climax. a book you can’t put down. reminiscing with family members. how you feel after a great workout. the perfect kiss. You get the picture.

Simply put, pleasure isn’t, and shouldn’t be, limited to the bedroom. (Neither should sex for that matter but in this world…it is.) Take a Passion Party or Diva Call for example. I get as much pleasure out of doing them as ya’ll tell me you get out of experiencing them! We laugh, we learn, we share intimate stories and at the end of our time together we’re all a little bit better off for the time spent together. That, to me, is what pleasure is all about: giving and getting and having a helluva good time doing so. 🙂  <–tweet that!

I could write all day about what pleasure means and the thing is…and apparently so could Google! I love reading through the article titles included in my alert e-mails because they remind me how far-reaching the idea of pleasure really is. In any given day I’ll ready about guilty pleasures, Pleasure island, how so-and-so was a pleasure to work with, and life’s simple pleasures. It’s amazing, really, how so simple of a word could reach so far into the depths of our life experiences.

And so there you go…why I focus on helping you get your Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of pleasure, sexual or otherwise. Because, at the end of the day, anything that brings you pleasure is worth pursuing…in the bedroom and out.

What does pleasure mean to you?

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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