Three Ways to Live Passionately

Passion is an interesting word. It can have a really positive meaning when talking about say, dedication to one’s sport or craft. But within the realm of sex and relationships it tends to get a bad rap. You know, this idea that “the passion dies out” so you have to look for m1ore?

1) No, if passion is what you’re looking for then good on you!
2) Why can’t you have passion and the “more”?!

To me, passion is about living life to its fullest, in and out of the bedroom. Heck  – I think of it as a basic human right! Everyone deserves to get the sex they want. Sadly, it gets stolen away too often, whether through low self-esteem, stress, or violence.

*steps off soapbox*

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I want to share some ideas for living an all-around more passion-filled life.

Three Ways to Live Passionately

1) Do what you love. Set aside at least 5 minutes every day to do something that brings you joy. Read, journal, watch the sunrise, move your body, have solo s3x, make-out with a partner, etc. Do it just because it makes you happy and especially if things are stressful or overwhelming. Its good for your spirit, your mind, and yes, your intimate life.

2) Laugh. Try this (NSFW) or this or anything else that’ll get you giggling and guffawing.

3) Challenge yourself. Go to an event where you know no one. Wear something a little sexier than usual . Try a new food. Listen to the other side of the story. Buy yourself flowers. Talk back to your inner mean girl. Say ‘yes’ to something different and maybe a little scary. Take a new class. Try a new position. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Start small but do it regularly (dare I say, weekly?!) and you’ll feel more adventurous and confident and BAMF-ly.

Do you know someone who could use a little pampering? How about passion? Be sure to share this post. They’ll thank you and so will I.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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