The Best Sex Toys for Couples

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It’s no secret that we adore sex toys here at PbK. They can’t fix all of your sex or relationship issues, but they can do a lot! Read on to check out our top picks of sex toys for couples.

Why Use Sex As a Couple?

About 40% of people who use toys do so within a relationship. And for several good reasons.

Sex toys:

  • increase arousal
  • make experiencing orgasm easier
  • improve overall sexual satisfaction
  • add playfulness, variety, & newness to your sex life

Using a sex toy with your partner is a sexy and fun way to mix things up, add a little adventure, and get out of comfy relationship hell.

What Makes a Great Couple’s Sex Toy?

There’s no one answer to this question. I’m all about practical pleasure and getting the most bang for your buck (can I get a hell yes?!), so that guided my decision-making.

Each toys falls into at least one of these categories:

  1. Designed to be used during penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex
  2. Easy to use during any form of partner sex
  3. Enhances pleasure for one or both partners

What To Look for In Couple’s Sex Toys

The most important feature of any sex toy is if you’ll use it! Ask yourself: Is this a toy I can picture myself using? If the answer is no, search for something else. (Yes even if it’s super popular, some magazine told you it’s “the best,” or a girlfriend raves about hers.)

Next, only use toys made from body-safe materials like 100% silicone, ABS hard plastic, glass, or 100% stainless steel.

Read more: Beyond Silicone—Other Great Sex Toy Materials

The best way to do this is to buy toys from trusted manufacturers that submit for independent safety testing, offer a warranty, and have a history of putting consumer’s health first. Everything on the list below checks those boxes!

In addition to being body-safe, everything on this list is also waterproof and rechargeable. The former so you get more ways to play and the latter because of convenience and saving money (batteries are so damn expensive).

PbK’s Top Picks for Best Sex Toys for Couples

Like what you see? Click on the name of each goodie to buy it.


It’s no surprise that this super practical and sexy lubricant tops the list! Silicone lube is sex educator’s secret for unforgettable skin-to-skin contact. Think: hand jobs & fingering, blowjobs, and intercourse of all kinds. Uberlube stays slippery no matter how long you go at it. Plus, it won’t stain your sheets or clothes if some spills. It’s hypoallergenic – perfect if you have sensitive skin – odorless, and tasteless. Just don’t use it with toys.

Need lube to use with your favorite sex toy? My favorite is Sliquid Organic.


This blend of essential oils helps you get turned on fast, making it perfect for those nights when your honey is ready to go but you aren’t. Or when a quickie is in order because: kids, work, life. Bonus: it helps you experience orgasm more easily!

The active ingredient is cinnamon oil, not icky menthol, so it won’t burn. Plus it comes in different levels – Lite, Original, & Ultra – so you can start lite and work your way up.


I’m clearly obsessed with this vibe and for many reasons, most notably it’s amazingly rumbly vibrations. So why did it make the top couple’s sex toy list? It’s the perfect size and shape to fit between you during any number of sexy activities, including PIV sex. It’s small, but not too small that if your partner has bigger hands, they couldn’t hold on. Plus, you can use either the precision tip or  the broad base to stimulate the clitoris, labia, nipples, scrotum, penis, perineum (t’aint), or anywhere you want an extra yumminess.


Penis sleeves feel amazing and make handjobs ridiculously easy. This one is light and easy to hold. Plus, it catches everything when the time cums comes.

It’s also discreet for travel. Try surprising your sweetie by popping it in their suitcase or leaving it on the bed when you go away! Every time they use it, they’ll think of you for sure.

Mio Vibrating Penis Ring

Vibrating penis rings are the ultimate couple’s toy. They help the person with penis stay harder longer. They help the receiving partner experience orgasm more quickly, either through stimulation of the clitoris or scrotum.

You also can use a ring to turn a dildo into a vibrator or as an external vibe. For the latter, simply loop your fingers through the hole and press it against the clitoris, labia, nipples, scrotum, penis, perineum (t’aint), or anywhere else you want an extra yumminess.


Sync is “the” couples vibrator! It’s designed to be used during any kind of intercourse. During PIV sex, the toy stimulates the clitoris, g-spot, and tip for the penis. During anal intercourse, it stimulates the perineum, penis, and prostate, if applicable.

Since no two bodies are the same, the Sync can be adjusted to your unique shape for a custom and comfortable fit. The two adjustable points mean it stimulates you more precisely and stays comfortably in place during position changes.

Pulse 2 Duo

The Duo is the couple-centric version of the Pulse, a masturbator for people with penises that uses oscillation to essentially vibrate the penis to climax. It’s hands-free and the person using it doesn’t have to be erect for it to work.

In addition to oscillating against the frenulum, the Duo’s underside vibrates. Put this on your honey, then jump on top. The remote puts you in control of the vibes, making the experience a truly shared and intimate one.

Plunge Spanking Paddle + Dildo

Yes, you read that right: a paddle and dildo all in one!

I <3 this paddle because the silicon is so soft and stays cool, making it perfect for rubbing the soreness after a particularly hard spanking. In between hits, rub, tease, and insert the bulbous head & smooth shaft of the handle.

The paddle is gentle enough for spanking newbies but can pack a punch if you flick your wrist just a little harder.

Pro tip: before spanking anyone, try this on yourself to get a sense of how much force to use.

Silk Dildo

Thanks to its smooth silicone, simple design, and sizes options, the Silk is one of the most versatile dildos out there. Use it solo or with a vibrating penis ring.

At 4.25″l x .75″ d, the smallest one is perfect for exploring anal penetration. Use it on it’s own, pair it with a harness for pegging, or let it be your “third” for double penetration. Not a beginner or ready to take your anal play to the next level? The larger sizes give you lots of options!

Sasha Harness

How frigging gorgeous is this harness? No uncomfy buckles, straps, or adjusting! The ribbons on the sides let you choose between ruched hipsters or smooth boy shorts. The garters are optional. And it comes with an adjustable o-ring so you don’t need to buy additional pegging equipment.

Want something less feminine? Check out the Tomboi or Theo.
Want a harness specifically designed for people with penises? Check out the Deuce.
Want a harness + dildo together? Check out the the Tomboi Partner Pack or the Theo Partner Pack.

Keep Still Over the Bed Restraints

If you’ve been dreaming of restraining each other, this kit is perfect. It’s

  • Versatile: arrange the cuffs in multiple ways, for different ankle and wrist positions.
  • Practical: it goes over the bed, not under your mattress, making setup easy. Plus the ankle and wrist cuffs close with Velcro so you can take them off quickly if needed.
  • Sexy: satin on the outside, faux fur on the inside. Mmm yes.

Want an under-the bed kit? I recommend this one.
Want basic wrist restraints? I like these Silky Sensual Handcuffs.

Fascinator Throe

Fact: sex can get messy. Also fact: the Throe absorbs whatever sexy mess you make, saving your sheets, mattress, & furniture in the process. One side is soft microfiber and the other is silky satin.

No more arguing about who sleeps in the wet spot, late night sheet changes, or midweek laundromat runs.

The beau & I can’t say enough good things about the Throe! Plus it looks like a normal blanket so pick a color that coordinates with your bedroom set, and fold it up on the edge.

More intimate, exciting, & fulfilling sex is the best gift you can give.

No matter what occasion, better sex is a gift that’s never out of style and keeps giving for years to come. Show your honey how important intimacy is and get your relationship of these best sex toys for couples.

Looking for something else?

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