Clitoris Anatomy: The Internal Clitoris

This week we’re back to talking more about everyone’s favorite topic: orgasm.

Recently, an article about the internal clitoris started making its rounds via social media.Though it was written nearly two years go, it is still super important. Why? Well it means there’s more options than you know to reach your climax.

Wait a tic…the internal say what?!

If that, or something similar, just went through your head then this is the video for you. In it I give you an overview of the relationship between the internal clitoris and pleasure. Specifically I tell you what the internal clit looks like, how it works, and how its existence benefits you. I don’t geek out about this or anything….

Image not showing? Click here to watch.

So there you have it…a PSA to touch yourself + new ideas to getting it on.

Do you know somone who could benefit from knowing about the internal clit? Be sure to pass this along. They’ll thank you and so will I!

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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