Your Guide to the Clit and Clitoral Stimulation

This week we’re back to talking more about everyone’s favourite topic: orgasm. Specifically, how to get there with clitoral stimulation.

Recently, an article about the internal clitoris started making its rounds via social media. Though it was written nearly two years go, it is still super important. Why? Well it means there’s more options than you know to reach your climax.

Wait a tic…the internal say what?!

If that, or something similar, just went through your head then keep reading.

This clitoris is more than meets the eye

When you hear the word “clitoris” you hopefully think of happy things like orgasm and pleasure.

However, you probably also the of one specific area: the “pea-sized” bundle of nerve an inch or so above the vaginal opening.

While this is your clitoris, its only one part. The rest is tucked up inside and around the vaginal canal.

The clitoris and the penis have a similar structure

In her seminal book Come As You Are, Emily Nagoski repeats one phrase often:

All the same parts, organised differently.

If you need further convincing, here are general drawings of the full structure of the clitoris (A) and the penis (B).

You can see both have the following parts, in slightly different proportions:

  • Glans aka head. This is the tip of the penis or the part of the clit outside the body. The glans is the most sensitive part of the genitals for most people. In the clitoris it has about 8000 nerve endings. In the penis, there are about 4000.
  • Shaft. Connects the tip to the rest of the body
  • Foreskin or clitoral hood. Covers and protects the glans. Pulls back when a person becomes aroused as the tip fills with blood.
  • Crus aka legs. In the penis these, along with the bulb, make up the shaft and root of the penis. In the clitoris, these and the bulb sit behind the labia, alongside either side of the vaginal opening. \

Not pictured in this photo are the bulbs which sit between the legs. Like the shaft and crus, the bulbs are full of erectile tissue that fills with blood when you get physically aroused. For people with vulvas, the bulbs becoming erect are what lead to vaginal tenting aka the vagina getting longer and wider to prepare for penetration.

For a more detailed look at penile anatomy, click here.

Knowing the anatomy gives you new ways to stimulate your clit

Now that you know the clitoris is more than what romance novelists call your button, it opens up ways to play with it to enhance your pleasure.

One of the best ways to do this is to make a peace sign with fingers, placing them on either side of the vaginal opening and stroke them up and down. This is a great addition to oral sex, masturbation, and hand sex.

Similarly, you can trace your lips with a vibrator, tongue, or fingers. Play with different pressures, types of strokes, and positions.

Lastly, you can do any of this in front of a mirror. Doing so will allow you to witness the changes that experience in your vulva and vagina.

Our favourite vibrators for clitoral stimulation

No conversation about the clitoris would be complete without sharing some of our favourite external vibes. These are perfect for stimulating the glans directly or exploring the internal clitoris. They also can be used along the shaft of the penis and on its root (located just in front of the anal opening or between the butthole and perineum).

The one that always tops our list

The Touch X Touch is our go-to vibe thanks to its versatility, quietness, and rumbly strength. The vibrations run from tapered tip to bottom, letting you choose if you want more pin point or broad stimulation. And it’s the perfect size and shape to fit in your hand, between your bodies, or from the clitoris to the vaginal opening.

The one that responds to your touch

Squish is a lemon-shaped vibrator with a rounded pinpoint tip. Choose from pre-set vibration speeds and patterns or haptic control—the more you squeeze, the more it vibrates.

The wand vibe that doesn’t hurt your wrist

Le Wand Petite is the only wand vibe we’ve found that’s easy too hold and not too top-heavy. Wand vibrators provide stronger sensation than bullet style vibes. And, because of their size, they’re great for anyone with reach issues.

The one that mimics oral sex

Instead of vibrating, Aer creats a soft seal around the clitoris and delivers rhythmic pulses of air to create an incredible pleasurable air suction sesnation.

Many g-spot vibrators also work great as external vibes. Their curve helps you reach your clitoris more easily and many have bulbous or flat tips that give you yet another way to play.

Read more: Our Favourite G-Spot Vibrators

So there you have it…a PSA to touch yourself + new ideas to getting it on.

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