How to Use Lube During Sex – 5 Different Ways

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One of the most overlooked sex toys is a good lube. Lube heightens your pleasure, amplifying each stroke, lick, touch, & thrust to feel even more yummy. Therefore the best way to use lube is always. But how to use lube depends on the type of sexy time you have. Read on for 5 fun ways how to use lubricant!

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How to Use Lube –  the Basics

Before you learn how to use lube to maximize the amount of pleasure you get out of different types of sex, let’s talk some general rules for using lube during sex:

  1. The best way to use lube is to apply it before touching yourself or your honey. This touching can be with hands, toys, other body parts, whatever. If you get wet easily, great. If not, grab the lube right from the get go.
  2. Apply lube to whatever parts of the genitals that will be stimulated: on the inner and outer lips and the clitoris, inside the vagina or booty, along the shaft and head of the penis, under the scrotum and on the perineum, etc.

Now let’s talk about specific sex acts that you enjoy and how lube can make them even better.

How to Use Lubricant During Sex

  1. Solo Play (masturbation): Solo play is the time where you need lube the most! You’re less likely to spend time getting turned on, so lube becomes both a health & pleasure necessity during self-pleasure. Apply lube from the start – you can even make rubbing it on part of the experience. Be sure to keep the lube handy for reapplication and/or to put it on any toys you’re using.
  2. Oral Sex (including rimming): Two of the most common complaints I hear about oral sex are that it tastes and/or smells bad. A yummy tasting edible lube like Sliquid Swirl takes care of both and makes oral more fun all around. So though lube isn’t necessary for oral, it definitely makes it more fun. Plus, the better something tastes, the more likely you or your partner is to spend more time savoring it. 😉
  3. Vulva massage and hand jobs: Similar to solo play, lube here is pretty darn necessary. The clitoris, outer lips, and penis don’t naturally produce lube so using it from will ensure you get the most pleasurable experience. Same goes if you like to use a vibrator against the clitoris or scrotum. Silicone lube like this one is best.
  4. Fingering and vaginal intercourse: Since the vagina does produce its own lubricant, you might not always need something else. However, as I wrote in the part one, lots of things can affect how much or little lube is made. If you feel fully aroused but aren’t totally wet, don’t sweat it. Just be sure to lube up before anything enters it (fingers, toys, or a penis).
  5. Anal play (fingering or penetration): When it comes to anal play, the more lube, the better! Seriously- when you think there’s enough, add more. The anus does not produce lubrication like the vagina does. Therefore, the anus should be lubed up before anything enters it. This time, its not only about pleasure but also about making sure you prevent scratches, tears, and infections. Lube rules for anal sex.

Not sure what type of lube to use for each of these? Read Part Two-What’s the Best Lube for Me?

There you have it – your personal guide on how to use lube and how to apply lube? Have more specific questions? Let’s chat.

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that there are lubricants that have a good taste which can be used for oral sex while ensuring that you will have a longer time to enjoy it. I will suggest to my partner since he has always been requesting this from me, but I am just not used to doing it before. I don’t want to deprive him of this that is why I am looking for ways to make it possible, and this tip is a big help now that it would be perfect for our anniversary.

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