We Heard You! Results from Our 2020 Visioning Survey

Recently, we invited the PbK community (that’s you! 👋🏻) to participate in our first annual Visioning Survey. And hell yes: you told us what you really, really want! We’re so grateful for all the incredible feedback and questions we’ve received.

Because transparency is one of our core values here at PbK, we’re beyond excited to share with you the results of this survey— including the TOP TWO areas you asked for more support and the resources we’ve created to fulfill these needs.

Why A Survey?

The short answer:

because PbK exists for you.

The longer answer: to listen to your needs and have a better understanding of how we can serve YOU! We do our best to provide helpful, high-quality content, but we can’t do it alone. We want to ensure that we’re addressing topics you care about so we can give you the tools you need to experience more pleasure—in the bedroom and out. While Kait gets terrific feedback from her sex coaching & couple’s counseling clients, we wanted to hear from more of our community.

Even more than that, asking for what you want is a powerful pleasure skill—that’s easier to practice outside of the bedroom and with some degree of anonymity.

The more you practice asking for what you want in one part of your life, The easier it is to ask in more vulnerable situations—like during sex.

The Results

Who Participated

We had six respondents! Most reported being in a monogamous relationship, with a minority describing their situation as “It’s complicated.”

Folx had come to the PbK community from one of three places: Instagram, Google, or word of mouth. This actually really surprised us as Google has historically been our top referrer. Thank you and all the ❤️ 🙌🏻🎉 for sharing us with the people in your life.

What YOU want

The two most common place where respondents said they are struggling in their sex life? Communication and libido.

When asked how they’d like to receive support to address these questions and concerns, the results were evenly split among three options again:

  1. Taking and online course or workshop
  2. E-books/webinars
  3. Working in a small group

What We Have…

These responses heartened us because not only do we have tons of content about these topics, we also already have some of the very things you requested!


The Sexy Conversation Starter Kit, our e-book on how to communicate about sex without fear or pressuring


Staying the Course: How to Navigate Low or Mismatched Desire, our *brand new* digital course on maximizing your desire.

…and What Comes Next

(Yes, that is a Hamilton reference thankyouverymuch)

While the survey showed us that we’re focused on the right topics, it also highlighted that we aren’t doing the best job letting you know all that’s available here. It was a powerful reminder that we do a disservice to our community by not sharing about the different resources we offer.

You’ll start seeing even more content around these resources. As always it’ll be educational and fun, powerful and practical.

And, since digital is what you asked for, digital is what we’ll focus on! We were excited that you requested this since focusing on digital offerings was one of our goals for 2020.

Lastly, we’ll start tackling some of the other struggles sharedo n the survey:

  • working through shame
  • orgasms of all kinds
  • being creative with sex when aches, pains, and other restrictions get in the way

What do you want?

Did these results miss anything you’re looking for?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you really, really want to know more about when it comes to sex, relationships, & intimacy.

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