Why Use Lube? Here are Five Reasons.

When it comes to sex toys, one of the most overlooked products is a good quality lubricant. In this three part series, I’m teaching you why everyone should have body-safe lube by their bedside, the different kinds of lube and which is best for you, and how to use lube in all sorts of sexy scenarios.

Read Part Two-Types of Lube and Part Three-5 Ways to Use Lube During Sex.

Like many sex educators, lube is one of my favorite sex tools to talk about and something I consider a must-have. Its uses are vast, some sexy and some just plain practical, but ultimately its the fact that a good lube can take sex from pretty good to amazing

Why Use Lube?

Lube increases sensation and pleasure during sex. To test this out, run a dry finger along your also dry bottom lip. Now lick that lip and run your finger over it again. Feel the difference? Well multiply that by a whole lot (because you have way more nerve endings in your vulva) and you’ll see why lube leads to better sex. As a general rule, always make sure the sexy part you or your partner is touching is lubed up, naturally or otherwise. You may be surprised by how much better everything feels.

In addition to making sex more pleasurable, her are four more reasons you should using a good lube.

  1. Lube decreases friction . If you’re sassing me a little and thinking to yourself, “Well duh Kait – that’s the point!” you’d be right. But have you ever thought about what this really means for your sex life and pleasure? Its certainly why every touch is magnified. However, decreased friction also reduces your risk of micro-tears and infections in the vagina as well as the risk of a condom breaking. This means you’re less likely to be sore after sex and less likely to get a yeast infection, UTI, or some STIs. Bonus! Using lube with a condom helps sex feel more pleasurable for you and your honey.
  2. Many things affect how much lube you naturally produce. Every woman has her own ‘baseline’ level and this varies a lot from one woman to the next. Beyond that, many factors can impact how easily you get wet. These include but are not limited to:
    • Age
    • Water and alcohol intake
    • Stress
    • Medications like birth control or insulin
    • Illnesses like diabetes and heart disease
    • Having sex in water

    Some of these factors are completely in your control and can vary sexy time by sexy time while others are more complex. Regardless, a good lube can help make sex feel better no matter the underlying reason.

  3. Solo sex is so much more fun. When you’re on your own, it can be harder to get fully aroused, even with a sexy story or fantasy. That means it might not feel as good as it could! Lube helps to maximize pleasure even if you’re masturbating in a rush, using it to self soothe, or distractedly going at it.
  4. The booty and penis don’t lubricate themselves. For anal sex, good lube is an absolute must.  For hand jobs, it depends on the person’s preference; however, to feel the most pleasure use lube!

Now maybe you’re sitting there thinking, “OH Kait – I don’t have this problem.” Awesome! However, lube is still super important for you if you enjoy marathon sex (aka going all night or at least multiple times in one night), shower sex (or sex in any water), or those nights you’ve had too much to drink.

To sum up: lube has the power to take sexy time from ‘pretty good’ to ‘AHmazing.’ 

It does this all the while decreasing pain and your risk of infection. Yup – lube is an all around super star!

Your Partner in Passion,

Kait xo

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