Coffee, Kegel, & Conversation Women’s Group

Do you crave a community of womxn* to support & be supported by?

Maybe you’re new to the city and haven’t met your BFFs yet.

Maybe everyone you know moved to Brooklyn and you’re still living that rent-stabilized upper Manhattan life.

Maybe you’re in one of those moments where your life zigged while your friends’ lives zagged – and you haven’t veered back together just yet.

You have a beautifully full life – but sometimes get lonely.

New York is a tough city. People come and go, and sometimes take your heart with them. Those who stick around, like you, have big beautiful dreams that they’re bringing to life – which means that their time is precious. You’re over needing to manage your various friend groups or schedule time together a month or more in advance.

You wish that you had…

  • a regular community of inspiring womxn to support & uplift one another
  • a space to feel seen and accepted—like you belong—in this big city
  • dedicated time to connect deeply with yourself and other womxn
  • a monthly touchpoint to check in, see how you’re feeling, and reset – no Whole30 required
  • the exact steps to make your big vision a reality—and the world a better place

CKC gives you time devoted to reconnecting with yourself and other womxn.

Like you, I love this city. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be! But after 4 years here, I still didn’t have an intimate community like in other places where I had lived. I started the New York CKC womxn’s group to build that – for myself and for you.

Long-haired person holding her hands over her heart and smiling. | Sex Counseling NYC - Couple's Counseling NYC | Passion by Kait

And now it’s our community’s favorite day of the month!

Created by School of Shine, this monthly women’s circle provide an open, supportive space to discuss meaningful topics with good company & good vibes.

But first, coffee.

With a warm drink in hand, nourishing nibbles, and inspiring music, we’ll explore each month’s theme through intention setting, meditation, writing, readings, conversation, and more.

Long haired person smiling and sittingon a couch with someone on either side. Sex Counseling NYC - Couple's Counseling NYC | Passion by Kait

No hippie shit here.

(ok maybe a little…)

All of the activities we practice are rooted in neuroscience & positive psychology. Each activity helps you to increase your self-awareness & appreciation so that you can create positive change in your life and community.

Feel powerful & connected – and make your big dreams a reality

You’ll know what you’re capable of—and exactly how to get there.

You’ll leave feeling empowered, energized, and recharged.

You’ll walk away confident and inspired to take action—and make the big decisions you’ve been putting off.

Don’t take my word for it…

What People are Saying

“A vital part of my self-care routine.”


“…a really nice touch point to reconnect with myself and other people, and get a sense of how I’m feeling. ”


“Today was lovely because you radiate joy and acceptance, and it makes such a comfortable space.”


“An oasis for all women who are blessed to find it”


“Best $15 I spend each month 😉”


“I can feel the kindness in each person here, filling up the entire apartment.”


Kick your weekend off with deep connection, uplifting community, and endless inspiration!

Your Ticket Includes:

  • Amazing conversation, connection, & inspiration with a community of like-minded womxn
  • Exact steps to creating a more intimate, exciting, & fulfilling life
  • Delicious drinks (my tea collection has been known to overwhelm – and the coffee is top notch too)
  • Yummy snacks—think: fresh fruit, cookies, homemade hummus, warm bread
  • Sexy and soulful door prizes

Click on the date to purchase your ticket.

Coffee, Kegels, and Conversations is an inclusive space. Trans and cis womxn, as well as all femme-of-center folx along the gender spectrum (gender queer, non-binary, etc), are welcome.

Your Facilitator

Kait Scalisi, MPH is a sex educator for women who crave sex that’s as intimate, exciting, & fulfilling as the rest of their relationship. Through writing, workshops, & 1:1 counseling, she teaches you how to say YES to your desires and let go of whatever holds you back—while feeling totally comfortable. Kait blends neuroscience & public health with a touch of woo-woo and her experience living & loving with disabilities to give you a unique and fully realized perspective on what it really takes to find freedom in pleasure—no matter what life throws at you.

Can’t make the next CKC? Don’t live in NYC?

*Alternative spellings for “woman” were created as part of the feminist movement to promote women’s independence from men. This current spelling encompasses a broader range of gender identities than “woman,” including trans women and non-binary femme individuals. For more information, check out this great piece in the Boston Globe.

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