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PbK Programs

PbK Programs

Whether you feel your desires are misaligned, you’re stuck in a rut, or you simply want your sex to be as passionate, satisfying, and beautiful as the rest of the life you love, PbK Programs help you create a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life. With evidence-based strategies and informational content you (and your partner/s, if you have them) can work through at your own pace, PbK Programs can transform your sex life—without feeling awkward, twisting yourself into a pretzel, or spending hours a day on intimacy-building activities.
The Archives

The Archives

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Explore articles on on every topic from foreplay to blow job techniques to sex toys to how to ask for - and get - what you want in the bedroom. This isn’t your typical women’s magazine advice! The Archives are designed to help you step into your power and pleasure—no matter how you, what you look like, your physical ability, how you identify, or who you love. You’ll feel excited, empowered, comfortable, and confident
Sex Toys & Tools

Sex Toys & Tools

Sex toys are our first love! They help you figure out what you like in the bedroom, increase your sexual satisfaction, and make it so much easier to experience orgasm. Whether you prefer the more vanilla side of sex or the kinkier one, want to increase intimacy or pleasure, or you just want your sex life to be as passionate and satisfying as possible, we’ve got a toy for that.

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    9 Things to Know about the Asexuality Spectrum

    We tend to think of sexual orientation as a spectrum from gay to straight. Many people are familiar with the Kinsey Scale, for example. While these perspectives have been liberating to many, another spectrum exists entirely: the asexuality—or ace—spectrum. People on the asexuality spectrum experience little to no sexual attraction and/or desire. In honor of ACE Week (October 25-31),…

    How to Squirt

    ANONYMOUS ASKS: How the heck do I squirt? Anonymous: One of my favorite takeaways from Emily Nagoski’s Come As You Are is the idea of “all the same parts, organized differently.” Basically, regardless of your biological sex and tingly bits, every body has all the same parts organized in different ways. Those different ways, in turn, have…

    Winter Sex Ideas

    It’s that time of year where winter feels like it just won’t end. The days are noticeably longer, but still more dark than light. Having to go outside still requires layering on multiple pieces of outerwear, and really all you want to do is stay inside and cuddle your beau(s). Even if it’s been a…
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