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Passion by Kait and our founder Kait Scalisi travel across the country to appear on panels and podcasts, speak to students, teach classes on freecom in pleasure, and hold events and lectures. Passion By Kait also regularly hosts a Coffee, Kegels, and Conversation gathering in our home city of New York. We are dedicated to creating safe, welcoming, engaging spaces where participants learn, share, and above all, have fun. For a schedule of upcoming appearances, click below.


Passion by Kait designs and hosts fun, informative sex workshops on every topic from foreplay to blow job techniques to sex toys to how to ask for - and get - what you want in the bedroom. This isn't your typical sex toy party! Our workshops open up genuine conversations that last long after the event is over, allowing women to make new friends or become even closer to people they’ve known for a lifetime. Our guests leave feeling excited, empowered, comfortable, and confident.


A group setting isn’t always the ideal way to ignite or re-ignite your passion, particularly for those in long-term monogamous relationships. Passion by Kait offers one-on-one, personalized sex and couple's counseling sessions on a case-by-case basis. Whether you feel your desires are misaligned, you’re stuck in a rut, or you simply want your sex to be as passionate, satisfying, and beautiful as the rest of the life you love, our counseling will be exclusively focused on your needs, challenges, and growth.

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